Mulvey’s Medicine – Steely Beets

A brand new tune that is drenched in groove and ready to uplift you? It must be our lucky day, and we have London group Mulvey’s Medicine to thank for it.

In a delicious blend of funk and jazz, ‘Steely Beets’ is packed from start to finish with a wide catalogue of instruments that are all carefully interwoven in a chaotic manner. Every player begins and ends the track in unison in a clever way to provide a structure around the crazy mash that is sandwiched in the middle.

Throughout the track, it seems each member of the group, which is made up of band founder Eddie Mulvey and his close friends, takes their turn in showcasing their talent. Trying to fit all this in, essentially makes ‘Steely Beets’ a long run of solos from different instruments. 

This new single is the first release from the collective’s September EP. Speaking about the EP, Mulvey said ‘’this project brings people and myself back to a more enjoyable world. I hope this EP will connect to everyone in a deep, personal way that is a gentle reminder that music can cure and uplift your life’’.

You can’t help but admire the ambitious effort to brighten everyone’s day.

Whilst I do enjoy the uplifting achievements, some listeners may find this single quite chaotic. I do hope that the remaining tracks from the EP don’t all follow suit and the group manages to show off more of their talent. I know whatever they are like, they will undoubtedly be beaming with positivity.