Mundu – Brag and Boast

Mundu’s ‘Brag And Boast‘ fuses together R&B, hip-hop and spoken word poetry, in an eerie concoction of hypnotic composition and addictive melodies.

Following a relaxed trap beat, Mundu’s buttery harmonies paint a narrative so endearing you’re hooked from the first second. The rhythm of the song, though, not overly complexed, has a groove so strong it cements itself in your bones forcing you to sway alongside its infectious sound.

The instrumentation is fronted by a strong groove and rhythmic vocals, where modal adlibs resonating from synths, flutes and harmonic backing vocals dance around the main vocal line. Both the rhythms of the vocal phrasing and the keys used stray far from the simple shores of pop, creating an enticing level of curiosity around the music. Building up only slightly with synths pads and additional choral harmonies in certain sections, the narrative is like an opiate to the ears; its intriguing, soothing and downright dreamy.

The production of the track has an integral part to play in its sound, making the flow of the music feel smooth on a whole other level. Most music nowadays does have a respectable level of production but to get a track that highlights its sound in an aesthetically pleasing style in addition to its incredible composition is a real treat.

Discussing the topic of the songs lyrics Mundu explains, “Brag and Boast originally started as a freestyle celebrating the wins that I have experienced this year in the midst of the global pandemic, as well as the goals I am currently working to hit”, (Mundu). After originally posting the track on social media, Mundu received a widely heightened response which inspired them to fully release ‘Brag And Boast’ as a single.

Simply put, ‘Brag And Boast’ is set to be one of the most impactful releases of this year. Its unique ethereal style is more than capable of making thousands bow down and succumb to its greatness- get ready to hear ‘Brag And Boast’ everywhere.