MURMAN – Achilles

Stomping through from the start, ‘Achilles’ is the new thundering single from London indie-rock band MURMAN. 

Just imagine, you’re in a crowded club with murmurs of noise. It’s a dark room and everyone’s waiting for something to happen. Then out of nowhere a thundering roll of bass and drums kicks in, bouncing off every wall. Life is good, and MURMAN are exploding on the stage.

The effort to create an eclectic atmosphere is absolutely immense from the duo. Not only is there a rumbling drumbeat, but a charging bassline and some cutting guitar have been thrown into the mix too.

Impressively, it erupts up to another level later on in the track. A change in beat and a roaring guitar solo brings you to a whole new sense of intensity. This musicality is the sort of thing that shoots you right to the top of the list for leaving an impression on an audience.

If you thought it couldn’t get better, then you might just be wrong. MURMAN also have an impressive video to pair with the tune. Combining classic movie scenes with clips of their own live performances, it certainly makes for an entertaining watch.

I cannot emphasise this enough when I say I want to see this track live. Energy overloads the tune to the extent you can almost feel it being played live through your speakers. 

Continuing to produce tunes like this is a sure-fire way to keep the train running for MURMAN. If they can capture this magnitude of excitement in all of the tracks then they will definitely be winning over bigger crowds in no time.

Achilles’ is the band’s first release of the year, but I wouldn’t expect it to stop there (at least I hope not). Keep an eye on MURMAN