The first single released by Muscular has arrived; the group flex their ability with a new track: Auraraver

So, where do we start? Daft Punk makes sense. Their influence in this track is unavoidable and it’s refreshing to hear the sounds of the recently departed group being repurposed in such a way. The marriage of funk and house is always a winning formula if it’s done right, and Muscular has done so. 

I think the secret ingredient to this tune is it’s organic feel. The use of real instruments and talented musicians is refreshing to hear in the electronic genre, and it is what gives this song it’s undisputable soul. 

Muscular is a group led by Ilmari Aitoaho: a young keyboardist from Finland who has compiled a group of talented artists in this tack. The vocoded vocals are strong; performed by Samuel Vekeman; adding to this pulsating, robotic sound. Auraraver also features Lauri Laine on guitar, whose rhythm proves to be fundamental in this track, and Josu Mämmi helped co-produce and create the final mix. 

The lyrics reflect the importance of friendship. Muscular explains how they are the safety net which has the power to bounce us back from the deepest dejection – “Even the strongest muscle is made of the tiniest myocytes”. The song reminds us of the importance of being with other people through friendship, this is reflected through the collaboration of the artists who contributed to this tune.

Other than Daft Punk, we can hear other influences, including that of Herbie Hancock’s ‘Headhunters’, Prince, Franc Moody, and more. This depth of influence indicates that Muscular aren’t messing about – they have authenticity and soul which sets them apart from other artists that create electronic/funk music. 

This single is hot off the press, released on the 26th March 2021 by Drink Tonight Records. I could not recommend this strongly enough for fans of funky house – if you’re currently grieving over the split of Daft Punk, then this song could lift your spirits. Keep an eye out for the release on Muscular’s EP which is set to be released later this year.