Muse kicked off their UK gigs at John Smith Stadium in Huddersfield on Tuesday night, starting in style. Personally, I can’t attend a gig without checking out the supporting artists. The supporting artists’ performances are as much of a talking point as the main act.

A rock trio of three sisters from Mexico, known as ‘The Warning,’ began the night with an energetic and passionate performance. It’s hard not to wonder when they’ll headline their own stadium tour across the UK. Lead singer Daniela “Dany” Villarreal’s vocals remind me of Lizzy Hale (Halestorm). She effortlessly rocks her admirable falsetto and shreds rock god licks.

Bassist Alejandra “Ale” Villarreal exudes a cool persona, delivering thunderous basslines as low as Robert Trujillo from Metallica.

In my eyes, the star of the set is Paulina Villarreal on drums. Wow, what a drummer! She flawlessly executes teeth-rattling drum fills and provides backing vocals that could make a brick wall start headbanging. Her energy is truly spectacular.

‘The Warning’s’ set fires up the crowd, leaving them eager for more.

Next up is ‘Royal Blood.’ Despite recent negative press, they look almost humbled as they take the stage.

Mike Kerr’s talent on the bass is undeniable. He flawlessly delivers melodies using only a bass guitar and a slew of effects pedals. Any musician would be envious. Halfway through their set, Mike turns around and says, “Check out my new distortion pedal.” He slams it on, nearly blowing every speaker in the venue!

You can’t talk about ‘Royal Blood’ without mentioning Ben Thatcher on drums. He casually walks up on stage wearing sunglasses, a black t-shirt, and shorts, as though he’s just running to the shops for a can of Monster. He remains unfazed by the crowd. Even when he sits behind the drum kit, his demeanor doesn’t change. His precise drumming is unbelievable, and he doesn’t break a sweat. Towards the end of the set, Ben embarks on a five-plus-minute drum solo of epic proportions, yet he still appears completely chilled out.

‘Royal Blood’ captivates everyone with their set, leaving the stage to thunderous applause. Well-deserved.

Now, it’s time for the main event—Muse!

‘The Will of the People’ tour brings ‘Muse’ to the stage, showcasing their latest album. They create a futuristic theme inspired by Orwell’s 1984 for their stage show.

They open with the title track, “The Will of the People,” with a pyrogenic display spelling out W.O.T.P in flames. The song’s beat ignites the crowd, who anticipate the spectacle that’s about to unfold. As the first song ends, Matt Bellamy (lead vocals and guitar) and Chris Wolstenholme (bass) continue playing, seamlessly transitioning into the next song. After a few bars, Chris sprints down the walkway to the center of the crowd and dives into the iconic bassline of “Hysteria,” sending everyone into a frenzy.

During the set, they unveil a huge mirrored masked character representing the people fighting back. Different images project onto the mask as songs play, especially during “You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween,” displaying lifelike pictures of horror film characters.

Matt Bellamy’s energy on stage is unmatched. He captivates the audience with every step, making the entire stage his own. Despite its massive size, he flawlessly plays each song on his guitar and delivers powerful vocals. One peculiar moment is when Matt plays “The Power of the Glove,” an instrumental track, using what appears to be a Nintendo Power Glove or some sort of synth.

Chris Wolstenholme is undeniably one of the best modern-day bassists. His calm and collected nature on stage draws you in as he delivers complex basslines, bringing the band’s epic songs together. During the performance, Chris stands tall, fully embracing his role, and even showcases a double-necked bass, one controlled by a touchpad, as they play “Madness.”

Dominic Howard on drums is a madman. His thunderous drumming, almost military-like, creates a beat you can march to. This is especially evident when Dominic walks down the walkway to play the small drum kit that rises up for “Undisclosed Desires.”

All in all, this gig showcases Muse at their finest. From the first note to the last, it’s filled with iconic moments.


Further information about Muse’s tour and music can be found HERE