Music Review : The Garage Flowers – Panic Street Again

With this newest offering from The Garage Flowers, we have much to be excited about for their February 2019 EP release. This is DIY indie at its catchiest, rawest best and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

Originally from Bristol, disenfranchised by the scene they were in, The Garage Flowers journeyed to London to throw themselves headfirst into one of the busiest cities, and one of the busiest music scenes in the world. Some would have called the move total madness, and I might have agreed. But it has paid off with their new single ‘Panic Street Again’.


This isn’t clean indie, nor is it your stereotypical garage rock, nor is it, well, anything in particular. I love bands who you can’t really find a tag for. I guess ‘Alt-Rock’ might work, but that’d be a disservice to them. It’s MORE!

So the track itself…it’s just really great. The band clearly have the pop sensibilities and knowhow to make music that instantly grabs the attention, but it never comes across as too polished, or too mechanical. It’s dynamic, bass and guitar jump between fighting each other and calmly taking a step back to allow 3-fold vocals to take centre stage. It feels DIY, not because it is in any way lacking of anything, but because it feels real. It makes me imagine what kind of live band these guys are, and I’m gonna guess that The Garage Flowers are a must-see band after this release.