Myster – Peak

Myster’s new single ‘Peak’ doesn’t have me sold this time around. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t violently offend your ears, but in a world of indie bands trying to sound like Catfish, you’ve gotta be f*cking good at it to stand out from the crowd. Myster, on this occasion, don’t stray far enough from the path to really grab my attention. 

My main bugbear with this track is its lack of light & dark; a one-tone dynamic if you will. There are moments of song-writing where the pace and feel of the track are altered, but that doesn’t cut it enough for a track slotting into this genre. To make indie interesting and vibrant and new there has to be accentuated attention paid to the role of developing emotive moments through production. I want this song to really make me feel something, and to connect with the message and intention of the song. Right now, unfortunately, I can’t.

Upcoming bands like The Covasettes achieved this with their most recent single ‘Spin’, and if Myster can take the riffy alt-rock vibe I can see peering round corner, and run with it, sprinkling indie sensibilities, catchy hooks and intelligent production, their next release might turn my head. They don’t have to sound like their influences to be a success, there’s enough bubbling under the surface for Myster to take and run with.

Weirdly it is two ends of the spectrum that I feel need work: nuance and energy. Silence can be the most powerful tool to a songwriter, and its collision with a rawness that Myster very much do have could spell success. Dynamics, dynamics, dynamics. Make me sit on the edge of my seat wondering what journey the song is going to take me on….and then take me there!