Naipia – Tightropes

Taking listeners through a journey of self-reflection and hope, Naipia are back with their new anthem ‘Tightropes’. With previous single ‘Lonely’ sitting comfortably over 21,000 streams on Spotify, ‘Tightropes’ is set on course to follow in it’s shadows. 

Released via Golden Robots Records, the new single hears Naipia sound evolve into a powerful beast.

Blending pop-rock with a true indie anthem soundscape, ‘Tightropes’ is bathed with metaphors that takes listeners through a rollercoaster ride of discovery. 

Tightropes’ is an exquisite message of learning to balance your life. Illuminating that you need a balance between the light and the darkness within you, ‘Tightropes’ maintains your attention straight until the end. 

A well needed single during anytime in someone’s chaotic life, ‘Tightropes’ tells listeners that taking breaks is a crucial thing for personal growth. 

Well-arranged with contagious melodies and a driving rhythm, ‘Tightropes’ grips you in and never lets you go. Not only does ‘Tightropes’ exclaim an important message to it’s fans, Naipia’s main message within their music is ‘it’s ok to not be ok’. 

This band are one of the most important bands around at the moment.

Hold on tight, Naipia, brace for impact.