Namsakē – You’re As Bad As The People That Built This Place

 Carrying themselves with a comfortable confidence that exudes all throughout a powerful performance of a song that takes a lot of cues from 2000’s pop-punk and alt rock. 

There’s a deep-seated anger that feels restrained within the vocal performance on show here, as Namsakē utilise a rough and tumble guitar style that’s rough around the edges to accentuate their pissed off feelings. 

What starts out as quite a gentle guitar riff quickly spirals into a much heavier beast, with a crunchy bite that continues for the remainder of the song once the first verse is over. 

The vocals do seem to be a little emotionally flat despite the powerful lyrical composition that spells out the singers anger without any ambiguity. There just seems to be very little oompff behind the vocal performance, possibly due to the mixing, but an angrier and rawer performance would have fit the mood of the song much better.

Whether its to do with not wanting to stray too far into a more heavy style, or due to another factor, it comes off a little too monotone in places.

Despite an incredibly strong performance from an instrumental stand point, and vocal stand point if you take the vocals at face value, the final line just leaves a very sour taste by the end. “I’m tired, you bitch”, it comes off as just childish at that point. Building up a great foundation with the lyrics only to resort to name calling at the end, and it just doesn’t sit right. 

It feels very conflicted overall, wanting to be angry, but almost too scared to really let loose, resorting to name calling rather than letting the emotion flow.