Namaste Nastie – Argumental

I’ve always tended to steer clear from large swathes of electronic music from the past few years as its never really sat right with me, but with Namaste Nastie I can see a potential here that has the ability to transcend preconceptions of what you’re about to listen to. There’s still room for development, but I have been pleasantly surprised by this one.

‘Argumental’ is less a tangible object, rather instead a gently flowing stream of liquid-dub cinema soundscape. Granted, there’s not tons to get your teeth stuck into, but that’s not what I expected or even wanted from Namaste Nastie.

To be able to release a song that can appeal to an audience who have very little knowledge of the genre, ‘Argumental’ had to stay true to its roots and intentions whilst simultaneously not getting too trapped in its own skin. The result is almost there, and it’s enough for me to say that I enjoyed the track one 1st, 2nd, and 3rdlisten, but I’m left slightly waning for more ingenuity.

Vocally, again I’m impressed with both female and male leads, but there’s a lacking of emotion and rawness that I feel would’ve been an interesting angle to take given that, instrumentally, the track holds a similar pace and gusto throughout. I appreciate that this is very much a desirable selling-point of the genre, but when I get new songs in my inbox I want them to make me go W.O.W. ‘Argumental’ did enough for me to like it, but not quite enough for me to go “what could they do next?”