Narcissus – Burning Candles

Mancunian electronica band Narcissus bring a plethora of dreamy vocals and tranquil undertones in their debut AA single consisting of tracks Flashing Blue Lights and Burning Candles, via Manchester’s Label 42 Records. Forming a cocktail of gyrating background sounds and almost eerily washed-out vocals in Flashing Blue Lights, along with the slightly more stratospheric riffs in Burning Candles, the quartet successfully channel their so-called “epic and anthemic” output.

Only moments into Flashing Blue Lights, the hypnotic tone of the track is apparent, and so is my immediate likening to some kind of theme tune for a medical programme, owing to its hauntingly calm intro. This idea is soon discarded, however, when the mesmerising vocals begin to pour in seamlessly – barely there, lending the track a spacey edge. It’s not difficult to notice why they claim to draw some influence from Radiohead and Primal Scream

Burning Candles is notably different in its instrumentals, but the drowned-out, drifting vocals are still present; only with a more forcefully driven backbone than in Flashing Blue Lights. It successfully encapsulates the live aspect of the band’s mien, with their supersonic strums propelling the listener through some sort of musical ethereality. Its understated lyrical style is starkly different in comparison to its acidic instrumentation, but this only gives the track more room to cram in the mercilessly catapulting riffs – and wonderfully so. 

With the band having already boxed off their first album, they’ve promised to take listeners on a fully fledged ethereal voyage through the other-worldly elements which are sampled on these two tracks; and it’s sure to be one you should give a listen to, if it’s half as good as these two pieces.