Narrow Margin – Urban Hell

Punk rock is alive and kicking, but it just has a new face in young Manchester rockers Narrow Margin. A brooding number that showcases a garage, raw sound to their attire, this band are filled with charisma just because they’re speaking what millions are thinking.

Titled “Urban Hell“, this angsty track tells the story of frustration to the powers that be. Expressing their feelings of how the working class are treated, this political track touches upon hardship and comes across as somewhat hard to listen to. Hard to listen to because of its poignant yet true sensibilities, ‘Urban Hell‘ feels like the perfect title for the track’s message.

Poetically put together with revenge and elements of anger, this feels like the lovechild of The Clash and The Libertines – which could never be a bad thing.

Showcasing their indie side, Narrow Margin are mainly inspired by the punk movement and could easily find themselves supporting bands such as IDLES or Fontaines DC. People are angry and music has always been a healer for thousands. During these uneasy times, it’s helped us even more and you can hear how important it is to Narrow Margin.

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