Natalie Gelman – 2020

Armed with a title that will instantly make people gasp with fear, Natalie Gelman’s latest single is quite the opposite. Written to remind people to stay optimistic during a dark time for the world, Natalie Gelman’s latest release is simply a breath of fresh air during toxicity.

Using an acoustic arrangement to incorporate a natural feel to the track, the production is polished and uses triggers to help the track feel more mainstream based. Natalie’s “2020” is a gentle nudge to keep your chin up and to keep doing your part. Bathed in a fun production that feels memorable, try getting this track from buried in your head.

Fitting around Natalie’s folk infused vocals, the overall performance feels relatively upbeat, hitting the nail on the head with keeping your hopes up. With the vocal performance and lyrics sitting side by side with some of the empowering female artists out there at the moment, Natalie Gelman also calls out to Covid deniers within the track.

All wrapped up in an ear-worm chorus, ‘2020‘ catapults its way into your heart and stays there. A year we certainly won’t be forgetting anytime soon.