Natasha Ghosh – More Love

Netherlands based singer-songwriter Natasha Ghosh releases her third single of the year, ‘More Love‘ and it firmly radiates a bittersweet persona. Having only been releasing music since 2020, this artist may be at the beginning of her journey but already is quickly become a true asset to the Netherlands’ ever-growing music scene. The new single hears Natasha team up with Japanese artist Cybeat and comes across as a collaboration that was written in the stars to be a success.

Highly energetic and fast-paced, this indie-pop number is about somebody admitting their flaws in a relationship due to lack of communication but knows there’s always work to do.

Slightly sombre in places yet bittersweet, this relatable track will make listeners feel heard and that their feelings are completely human. Recorded at both Natasha and Cybeat’s home studios, the track has already been around the world and back again pre-production, and it certainly has the ability post-release too.

Entering with a cinematic piano-led soundscape, the track transforms into an enchanting production fuelled with playful rhythms and a memorable chorus.

Testing boundaries of alternative pop, R&B and soul, the track weaves through different genres to create its true identity – a fierce, confident number fuelled with charisma.