Nefer-T – Coping Mechanism

The sun is out, the weather seems to be picking up, the pandemic is slowly getting better, and Nefer-T releases exquisite new single ‘Coping Mechanism” – what else could we want?

The type of track to stick on with a cold beverage in one hand and a smile on your face, Nefer-T’s upbeat new anthem is armed with an electronic-funk meets pop arrangement sent straight from the realms of heaven.

While the track is situated around playful instrumentation, the subject matter behind the single is complex. Analysing strategies that we employ to cope with day-to-day life, the clue behind the track’s message is entirely in it’s title.

Most songs nowadays have titles that are completely relevant so hearing Nefer-T get straight to the point with this release, makes you love it even more.

Recorded in his bedroom, Nefer-T’s adventurous number refuses to be limited to one style. Influenced by a range of genres including electronic, lo-fi, alternative hip-hop, and neo soul to name a few, “Coping Mechanism” escapes any label that you can give to it with ease.

Easily one of the best track’s to have been released in 2021, “Coping Mechanism” gets rid of any lockdown blues you may be feeling and shines through with optimism for good times ahead.