Neolithic – Thots

Dublin based multi-instrumentalist, artist and producer Neolithic returns with his second offering, ‘Thots‘. A strong contender in the Irish music scene for over a decade, the new single from Neo Morake aka Neolithic feels like it could change the whole game. Beginning with a hypnotising guitar line that will jive its way into your head, ‘Thots’ is easily up there with the hottest hip-hop tracks of July.

Armed with a laid-back approach to the instrumentation, the sleazy number is fuelled with swagger and a vibrant attitude. Somewhere between A Tribe Called Quest and Kendrick Lamar, that’s never a bad place to be. Bringing his own originality to the table, Neo is certainly an artist you need to look out for around your neck of the woods.

The best track to introduce Neo’s music to your friends, the track is about living your best life and being your own best friend. A refreshing single with layers of character, the track was written, recorded and produced entirely by Neolithic in the comfort of his home studio.

Flowing freely off the tongue, this is the sort of track you could easily listen to on repeat. Finding something new every time you listen to it, ‘Thots’ is a quirky offering that showcases hip-hop constantly evolves.