BOX OF Trash


The latest track by Ayrshire-based Indie band Box Of Trash, which has been recorded for the upcoming Record Citizens compilation vinyl towards the end of June, is the first to be recorded since becoming a 5 piece.

With not much online about the band themselves it’s not possible to give any back story. Perhaps one area the band should look at? A bit of a bio, something to give newcomers, like me, something to learn about them, to get their teeth into and acquaint themselves with the band members and history.

With that in mind, I press play and the first thing that strikes me is the wonderful sound of distorted guitars ringing out. A slow, almost doom rock style, short intro with a prominent walking bassline. A great opening. Raw sounding and certainly piques the interest.

After 8 bars it rests for a second before picking up almost double time. Some nice guitar work is laid out, with hints of Metallica and Megadeth style guitar harmonies. The vocals come in and the post-effects are just right. A nice touch of reverb, not overdone, and prominent in the mix. First-time listeners would probably expect a lower voice but what is delivered is pleasant and fits well.

The one-word repeated chorus is simple, but catchy in the way it is given. The rhythm guitar work is spot on. Quite bouncy, a driving force complimented by the bass and drums. That lead guitar though, for me, is misplaced throughout the majority of the track. It almost overpowers the vocals, rather than adding anything at these points it instead takes away.

Where there is space for a lead solo/fancy guitar spot it’s welcome. The tone is great, playing is great, but when played behind the vocals it feels like it’s fighting for the main spot. Personally, I would have let the vocals and rhythm guitar breathe. Let them drive the song and accentuate it all with the lead in more appropriate places. Some backing vocals wouldn’t go a miss either but it carries itself well as is (me just nitpicking).

When the lead guitar is in the appropriate place though it’s great. Once again it gives me the Metallica and Megadeth vibes, maybe even a bit of Iron Maiden with the octave play.

That vibe soon changes mid-way when the tempo drops for a few bars, the “la la la la” section sounding something more likely to be delivered by an early naughties indie band. Just as quickly though it’s back up to pace, repeating the chorus before the big drawn-out finish. Again when the vocals are there the lead should be subdued to let the rhythm breathe, but towards the end it fits to finish out the song.

It’s a quirky and enjoyable listen, a mix of hard rock and indie rock that ticks both boxes quite easily. One that should go down a storm in a live setting for sure, especially with that ending already nailed. Head over to their socials and give them a listen and a follow.