New Reyt Good Road Trip : John Robb. We Talk Nirvana, finding drummers in Mexico, The Stone roses, Manchester.

Its Episode 2 of the new series, Carl was joined in the car by music royalty John Robb, Journalist / Author / Singer / songwriter / TV pundit you name it this guy knows his music, at times Carl was pleasantly schooled and learned so much from him. This ones a belter.

We discuss America with Nirvana, finding a drummer in Mexico, The Stone roses, Manchester, The Membranes show at the 02 Ritz and loads more! TICKETS FOR THE MEMBRANES HERE

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After the success of the 2017 Membranes & Friends event, it was clear early on that the band were going to have to make this an annual occasion!

In 2019, Membranes return with the third event which is also the launch party for their upcoming and already critically acclaimed new album, ‘What Nature Gives..Nature Takes Away’.

The new album is a double about the beauty and violence of nature that also features Chris Packham and a 20 piece choir and strings allied to the bands distinctive bass driven dark matter post punk. The album has been called ‘album of the year already’ and given 10 out 10 in in several early reviews as well as comments like…

‘A dark and brooding double album of psychedelic post-punk soundscapes under the tutelage of Hieronymus Bosch…’

‘Jesus John – it’s fcking insane! wow. consider my addled mind further blown. This is definitely gonna get played here around the clock.’ Mark Lanegan 

’Sounds great – the choir is a special touch’ Ian Brown (The Stone Roses)

The band will perform the new album and it will go on sale that night.
The support comes from an eclectic and brilliant bill of bands hand picked by the Membranes from Henge’s psychedelic space rock that has been a big hit at festivals and sees the band on the verge of big breakthrough to the acclaimed Liverpool band Queen Zee whose post-punk sex beat has been embraced by Iggy Pop who perfectly described the band when he played them on his 6music show as ‘They’re strange people from Liverpool. I don’t wanna say they’re dirty, they look a little weird, but they rock like crazy” 
Cult icons Go-Kart Mozart are the current vehicle of the eccentric, underground genius Lawrence who found cult fame with Felt whilst The Pack are the recently reformed first band of Kirk Brandon the iconic post punk frontman of Theatre Of Hate and Glove are a fast rising local band whose debut single is out this week.