Sam Macdonald


The low, funky sliding synth bass mixed with the nicely processed vocal hook immediately catches my attention. When the beat and disco guitars kick in my head instantly bobs and my foot taps with the amount of funk emitting from the speakers. Could this be Electro-Pop at it’s best?

Premiering on 24th May Sam Macdonald, an up-and-coming Cambridge-based pop producer, is unleashing his latest Nu-Disco track “I Wanted More” through Golden Factory Records. The vocals are provided by singer-songwriter Imo Walker and the two mixed are a captivating listen. Vibrant, catchy, memerable and impossible to skip. With elements of Funk, Nu-Disco, hints of the 80s and an infectious groove it has now found it’s way into my cars playlist.

The production qualities on this track are honestly superb. The sound, vibe and feel of the music take me back to the first time I heard Random Access Memories by Daft Punk. The guitar line is something Nile Rodgers would be proud of. The vocals are well-layered and balanced with just the right amount of post-processing.

Throughout each verse, Imo’s vocals are relaxed but with a hint of passion. I could quite happily close my eyes and get washed away, swaying along. The music arrangement is suitably ambiant, nothing flashy with a steady beat keeping the energy. That energy is taken up a notch in the chorus section though. A bit more soul and plenty of body from both synths and voice, delivering a bit more of a punch.

This really is a track I am struggling to find anything wrong with. If I had to say anything negative about it it would be the length. Yes, it may be a pop song of sorts. The general rule they say is pop lends itself to a three-minute tune, which this is, but for me, it’s not enough. I find myself listening through two times in a row to get that fix.

I absolutely adore electronic music, especially in the summer. I’m a real sucker for that kind of beat and bassline that takes over your mind and body. This release did that to me from the very first second I heard it. And every subsequent I listen. I could quite happily listen to this as an instrumental piece too. There are so many nice little touches in there with drops, echoes, effects and textures. But that is not to say the vocals aren’t welcome, quite the opposite, the track works both ways and works very well indeed.

I’m the kind of person who loves to listen to full DJ versions of songs. The kind that start off with a solitary kick drum. I love hearing the layers and nuances build up until they deliver you to the destination of that journey. And just as importantly the layers fading away on the return.

One thing this song is crying out for in my eyes is just that, a Club Mix. I really can imagine this being played in that kind of environment. Everywhere from your high street commercial club (as is), or as a House Remix in an underground club. I can even imagine it being one of the summer’s big tunes at dance festivals. Certainly a song for all those settings. Also on a beach, in your garden, in a field, in a bar. On Bluetooth speakers, through earphones, through a huge sound system or blasting out of your car stereo. It would sound good anywhere and will certainly get many dancing and singing.

Although some would class this as pop, it shows that not all pop is cheesy, unbearable drivel. A standout track amongst the overpopulated cesspit of a genre that has so much more potential despite already being top tier. Am I the only one that thinks it could be used in an advertising campaign? In a good way of course. I, for one, shall be keeping an ear out for further releases from Sam Macdonald. This is music that makes me smile from start to finish, and yes, I Want(ed) More.