Nick Howe – Wide Awake

Multi talented singer-songwriter Nick Howe unleashes new single ‘Wide Awake’ into the limelight. ‘Wide Awake’ showcases itself as a piano ballad, detailing Nick’s clear view of a friend’s battle with addiction, realisation and path to recovery. Co-written with Billy Locket, the track uses an elevating music approach to highlight optimism.

A powerful pop number with elements to make you cry with it’s genuine emotive, ‘Wide Awake’ is an emotional rollercoaster that will make you stop and just take it all in. Especially relatable during the current climate of the world, the single is giving comfort to fans across the globe who are going through the same or similar struggles. Writing songs as a therapy process, Nick Howe is set to release a string of releases and quality video content through this year. 

The overall presence of the track is calming, and feels like something you’d stick on to sooth your soul. A lullaby with it’s reassuring nature, the vibe of the track captures the songwriter completely with his heart on his sleeve. Not following any particular formula, this indie-pop arrangement dives into a refreshing, contemporary sound head first.

One thing that would have worked well with the arrangement is a choir alongside the harmonies to give it that extra enhancement, maybe that’s something we could hear live one day at Nick Howe show. Lyrically, the track’s memorable aspect won’t be leaving your head any time soon, and will keep you, well, Wide Awake. Burying itself and hiding from the badness, ‘Wide Awake’ feels vulnerable, yet positive for it’s future.