Nick Sanzeri – Wiped Out

From first impressions of the track’s artwork, you think that this is going to be a psychedelic trip through realms of colour. Slightly living up to that expectation, “Wiped Out” is very much a colourful track with psychedelic elements, but it’s prominent alternative rock meets funk production raises the track’s ‘cool’ factor even more. Solo artist Nick Sanzeri is best described as a one man band, creating every element of each of his tracks. All recording done at his home studio, ‘Wiped Out’ is Nick’s first release of 2021 and set’s the bar high for future releases.

Telling the story of that uneasy feeling surrounding certain relationship that has gone sour, or are just destined not to work out, the track details that inevitable pain of wanting to hold on, even though you know it’s just not meant to be. An artist that creates music without following the typical guidelines, ‘Wiped Out‘ wipes the floor with any release you may have heard this week.

Bathed in experimental rhythms and a jiving vocal line, the contagious bass-line that guides the track is destined to give you goosebumps. Creating a jazzier vibe to his usual sound, Nick uses his music as a sort of escapism from personal experiences.

Showcasing that music can always be a healer, the energy within the recent release is capable of you giving you motivation to get off your seat and do whatever it is that you’ve been putting off for a while.