Nicolas McCoppin – Loverboy

Hot off the dance pop press comes the debut Ep from New york’s own lovestruck Nicolas McCoppin. ‘Loverboy’ is an intimate and examining portrait of falling in love, with both places and people. With an already growing number of worldwide listeners (just over 18,000 monthly listeners on Spotify to be exact) Nicolas’ fanbase is growing exponentially and all before debut ep has even been released. Now that is an incredible feat.

With previous songs like ‘Remember that night’, ‘For years’ and ‘Ur Love’ are easy examples to see why McCoppin is featured on daily playlists as well as being #25 on the ‘incoming pop’ playlist, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Niall Horan and Katy Perry. Could we be looking at the next big pop artist?

‘Oh no I think I’m falling once again/And catching feelings for you wasn’t part of the plan’ is the first Love tinged chorus from the opening title ‘Stuck’ that opens up Mccoppins pursuit of joy and happiness. The track itself conjures up notions of vulnerability and naivety which allows you to gain a deeper connection with Nicolas and a further involvement to see where this journey goes. From start to finish the Ep is filled to the brim with pop-tastic groves and a nostalgic nod to the New York City club scene. 

‘Heaven’ is the lead single to be released and it’s easy to see why. The song itself delves further deeper into Love and insecurity. ‘Met you at your apartment/In New York City on a Friday night’. Falling for that special someone while discovering the beautiful city in which you live is itself a love story. Musically it sounds as if it has just come off the Dj decks from a white sand beach somewhere in ibiza, without losing the suburban, city street edge. 

Tracks like ‘Subway Sunsets’ and ‘City of Love’ cement the fact that McCoppin has a familiar and distinct love affair with the city itself, its intriguing yet complex, diverse but yet subtle. Nicolas has the ability to tie in estranged love-able lyrics with embracing, highly-strung dance-pop. It’s clearly a tried and tested recipe which inevitably works, and works well. Nicolas McCoppin is destined to become a pop sensation and ‘Loverboy’ is the evidence that will catapult him into the pop stratosphere.