Nixon Tate – Gentle and Ruthless

Stoke based singer-songwriter Nixon Tate’s latest release explores the complexed feelings they experienced proceeding the end of a relationship.

Set to be released on 24th July, the soft piano ballad sees an internal conversation the artist has with themselves, questioning whether they could have changed the course of their fate through taking different actions during their relationship. The relatable lyrics certainly resonate with the listener, stringing together sentences we’ve most likely all uttered to ourselves at one point during the song.

Gentle and Ruthless’ is structured around a piano which has elements of a similar playing style to that of Tom Odell. Being comprised only of piano, strings, vocals and reverb, the lack of a distinguished rhythm section creates a melancholic atmosphere that eats you up, perfectly portraying the wistful mood the song is intending to radiate. The piano and vocals glide upon a silky pad of strings, arising towards the end in a soft apex of warm and comforting harmonies.

The track sees an anticipated vocal melody repeated throughout its duration, which despite having little variation, cleverly embodies the idea of mulling over past experiences over and over in your head, creating a wonderful example of audio painting.

‘Gentle and Ruthless’s raw nature proves it wouldn’t at all be out of place being played during the climax of a chick flick or a gushy romance-filled movie, with its emotive lyrics and poignant atmosphere really jerking those heart strings.

Overall, Nixon Tate’s latest single is a charming example of something simple, yet effective. The minimalist approach to the instrumental layers and melodies carry the aura of the song perfectly well, all intertwining as one without the need for incorporating complexed riffs or unnecessary theatrics- an ideal song to listen to whilst mulling over the past.