Nixon Tate – The Weight

The northern soul style of Nixon Tate’s music is very clear, and The Weight is no different. 

With a mixture of bumping instruments, particularly the variety of backing percussion and tooting brass that is littered throughout the track. Along with a deep bassline and relatively minimal lead guitar notes throughout, it makes The Weight a much more chunky song without turning into a heavy down strung Goliath. 

The song is generally pulled along with relative ease with the aforementioned percussion, and the sheer amount of it filling the background. With a variety of rustles, drum beats and cymbal crashes, turning it into this jazzy soul styled song that’s pumped full of British style when combined with Nixon Tate’s vocals. 

The vocal performance is something that will be very familiar to anyone who follows the British indie music scene, with the heavy focus on a more mumbled vocal performance that, whilst not unclear is never so clean and refined that it strays into the realms of high production pop music. The regional drawl is also very clear, with Nixon wearing his regional accent on his sleeve, presenting it with a loud and proud fashion. 

Overall, The Weight is a powerful track that utilises a beautifully soulful approach to express feelings of regret, whilst also never letting itself get dour with its fun use of brass and percussion to really carry itself. A fantastic way to break the mould from the usual structure.