No Hot Ashes – Extra Terrestrial

Only those with an expert knowledge of the UK music circuit could have predicted the tidal wave of talent that has come crashing out of Greater Manchester in the past few years, and it’s arguably given indie-pop the firm kick up the arse it needed.

That wave shows no signs of subsiding either, and one of its hottest prospects, Stockport’s No Hot Ashes, have just released their second single from their brilliantly-named upcoming debut album ‘Hardship Starship’, entitled ‘Extra Terrestrial’.

Our first taste of the new material, ‘W.Y.N.A’, was a bit of a mixed bag of a song, but ‘Extra Terrestrial’ comes across as the flagship single; a statement of intent. This track has pretty much everything needed to be a cast-iron banger.


The lyrics are intuitively written and follow a clear narrative, as well as being engaging and very, very catchy. The vocal melodies are so infectious that there’s no real need for any showy riffs, just that cheeky little guitar tone that provides smiles all round.

It’s not easy to write a song that can be comfortably belted out by a shitfaced festival crowd, but also paints such a vivid picture. It’s impossible not to be a bit taken by the track’s titular alien Chichi; that familiar person who ties your brain in knots.

A lot of thought has also been put into the production; it’s cleaner and tighter than any of their previous work and the cartoonish rocket noises are a clever touch. The constant little reminders of the space theme are evidence of some really mature joined-up thinking.

Extra Terrestrial’ might not be the most groundbreaking tune ever in terms of style, but it’s incredibly well-rounded and its effervescent good vibes make it an undeniably great song. 

If this track and a few decent festival performances don’t build up some momentum for the August release of ‘Hardship Starship’, I don’t know what will. No Hot Ashes look like they’ve got a lot of success coming their way.