No Hot Ashes in Pics @02 Ritz, Manchester

We love nothing more than following a bands journey through the music industry. No Hot Ashes first came to attention many years ago back in Sheffield.

We were fans of their no-nonsense straight talking politically edged lyrics and lively live performances from the start. Goose stood out as a tune from their earlier days and we had to get involved.

They played one of our early RGM Live shows at the tiny venue in Sheffield, The Washington then worked with them again on bigger show at Sheffields Yellow Arch legendary studio / music venue.

Since then they have built up their nationwide fan base through various tours and showcases. Signed their first record deal with Modern Sky, released their debut album, its some journey building to the show on Friday at Manchesters 02 Ritz. Their biggest show to date.

We made our way down the queue passing several nicely lit (drunk) teenagers, some sobbing as they weren’t allowed in due to the amount of blue drink they have consumed that afternoon. We have all been there right?

Then into the historic venue and straight up to the balcony to catch the show.

Here are some amazing pics from the show.

???? Credit Trust a Fox.