No Vacancies – She

Acting as a re-release of a demo written and recorded on their startup, No Vacancies return to release She. as a full blown single.

Beautiful low tempo melodies lull us in gently to start with, ringing guitars and nostalgic lyrics make a powerful statement. With a continually repeating guitar chord making a strong backbone to the song. The fact that this chord is played throughout and evolves to suit the volume, tempo and mood of the track is a great touch. Moving from that gentle lullaby sound through into this powerful expression of emotion is the beautiful metaphor that this song takes. 

The lyrics are relatable whilst also coming from a deep, very personal place given the emotion pumped into them. Whilst being simple, they very much describe that desperation to turn back the clock to a simpler time in life. 

The overall mood change and evolution of the song is fantastic, moving from this gentle, subtle track to this huge outcry of desperation. With the music mirroring this change as massive drum crashes and the guitar exploding into a rapturous intensity. 

She. is a fantastic expression of a lot of No Vacancies talent, and shows that despite it starting off as a demo recorded in a garage, with the right production, it could be something far greater.