Noel Gallagher ​: This Is The Place

Noel Gallagher’s latest single ‘This Is The Place’ is confirmation of an interesting new direction for the rock legend, even if the track itself isn’t a blockbuster.

The groovy, danceable style that first appeared a few months ago with ‘Black Star Dancing’ continues into this new track, and looks set to be the overarching tone of Noel’s next project.

It’s a new thing for the former Oasis man, and there’s no doubt on the evidence of these two tunes that he can pull it off- it’s just that a couple of tweaks are needed for the style to work in the context of a full album.

This Is The Place’ is a decent enough track; it’s fairly catchy, the twinkling keys backing up the chorus are a deft touch, and once again the female vocals are on point.

The issue with ‘This Is The Place’ is that it runs completely parallel to ‘Black Star Dancing’. The structure and pacing of the songs are so similar that it’s impossible to think of them separately.

Right down to the placement of the bass lead and the guitar solos, the tracks have exactly the same skeleton, just slightly different decorative elements.

Noel is no mug, and the rest of the upcoming tracks in this vein will hopefully not have this problem, but the sameyness of ‘This Is The Place’ is still a disappointment.

Lyrically there’s not much to comment on; it seems that Noel is going for a strong hook and not putting too much thought into the rest of the words, which is probably fair enough for dance tunes. A bit of depth on whatever project he’s got coming next would be good to hear though.

All in all, ‘This Is The Place’ is a serviceable song for an album, but it’s a poor choice of single. It dampens the excitement for Noel’s shiny new style, but there’s every chance the next track will get the fire started again.