Despite it being a fusion of 80’s New Wave, Electronica and Funk, NOPRISM makes it work a lot better than it has any right to. Whilst that blending of genre may sound like a disaster of oversaturated electronic sound that’d feel like all of the 80’s had just spilt out onto one track, it works. 

PIECES walks the fine line of making all this and more work together in a very strong track, with a wide range of layers stacked upon one another. There’s a strong and set beat that pushes everything forward at a good pace that hides a surprisingly long four-and-a-half minute runtime. 

With all this 80’s influence in mind, it’s exactly how you would think it would sound. PIECES is full of decadent guitar riffs, twinkling synth notes, vocals with a subtle air of modification to them, and a colourful sound that feels like the embodiment of an Andy Warhol painting. 

It amalgamates into a very powerful showing of talent and does stretch the limit of how many different sounds you can fit into a song without it becoming a sensory overload. At one point it does very much feel like there are three separate songs all happening at once. But this adds to the charm, channelling that 80’s excess very well. The closing note does sadly sound like someone playing with the editing software but doesn’t spoil the track entirely. 

NOPRISM bring together pieces of 80’s influence and make the magic happen.