Northern Threads – Kickstarter

Laden with heavy distortion from the get go, Kickstarter fires up a mean, guzzling sound that screams attitude.

Building off a simple lick that’s combined with echoing vocals to create a roaring anthem that sounds ready to blow out any speaker it’s played through. Whilst never trying anything daring, instead sticking to this rising sound that blows up into an explosion of moaning vocals and roaring guitar. 

It’s being extremely bombastic in its sound, like a noise band crammed together in a very small room with every speaker pointed inwards. All this power and energy seems to give very little impact despite this. The vocals feel over distorted and unintelligible at times, especially given just how loud everything else is. There’s very little substance, with the only defining lyric being Kickstarter. Even as things wind down when the sounds begin to dissipate, the vocals seem mumbled and slurred. 

Despite the vocals though, there’s no denying that Northern Threads have a very appealing sound, given the extremely heavy chugging sound they’re emanating. Kickstarter played live would no doubt blow some people away in a very literal sense, think Marty McFly in Back to the Future’s opening scene. 

There’s an excellent sound here that by no means needs to be cleaned up, the rough DIY sound that’s great in it’s down and dirty delivery. But it misses the mark just slightly. With its shallow lyrical substance and overshadowed vocals, it just misses the mark of being something truly great.