we review the new single from NOVUSTORY – Bad Tattoo

April sees Blackburn’s NOVUSTORY release their highly anticipated new single, ‘Bad Tattoo’. The return sees the band full of life and rearing to go, adding to their colourful back catalogue of stadium ready anthems.

The track is a complete banger of defiance about the negative people in our lives who latch onto us, taking up copious amounts of space in our brains. As always, vocals are where NOVUSTORY really excel, lead vocalist Imogen Storey has potentially one of the strongest, most powerful voices in music right now and that is reinforced throughout this track.

Set for release on the 23rd of April, ‘Bad Tattoo’ is a fierce yet powerful number that has an emotive message that is intended to resonate with listeners. Speaking about the track, the band state that this track is about the “parasites who worm their way into your circle then latch onto your skin like a bloodsucking leech. Stuck on you like a “Bad Tattoo”.

‘Bad Tattoo’ sees NOVUSTORY go from strength to strength, the band have a HUGE sound that is destined to fill arenas and full stadiums. The track holds a power that can take years for other bands to master, yet NOVUSTORY pull it off effortlessly. Once again, NOVUSTORY have left us longing for more.