we review the new single from Novustory : Monster

Novustory are a band that has the potential to go places with their hard-hitting rock music and powerful vocals. They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in order to make it either, after doing everything they can to do European tours at this early stage of the bands career.

So, its comes as no surprise that their latest single ‘Monster’ is a great song as you know they will have put in the effort. The song knows its key strength is in the vocals, they are strong and brilliant, so the rest of the music is built around the vocals.

That’s not to say that the music isn’t great in fact it is the opposite. The slow start into a build up drum beat with hints of guitar whines in the background make a great setting to the song. Eventually building up into a belting chorus with fast heavy drums, hard guitar riffs and the signature power voice. 

It’s great to see a band going down the alternative rock route as there are so many indie rock/pop bands out there trying to be the next Arctic Monkeys, that its become stale. The alternative rock scene is a very open genre and is crying out for more new young bands to embrace it. Novustory seem to be embracing it and with the talent shown in ‘Monster’ and the sheer effort they put in, they have a great chance of making it.