OBLATE – bloodshed

An empowering moment in electronic music sees newcomer OBLATE and his social commentary piece ‘bloodshed’ highlight the sounds of the past in a scarily similar modern day.  

Bloodshed is a combination of classic 90s techno with fast drum and beats sections in a nu-rave style. The Sheffield-based artist has also layered samples from Angela Davis’ passionate interview at California State Prison in 1972.  

The commentary of the song explores how such oppression will lead to eventual violent actions and the feeling of the track has a feeling of history around it in both its words and music. A lot of what is said about history and progress in the track still highlights the modern struggle people are facing so encapsulates today’s mood.   

‘Bloodshed’ collaborates fast drum beats with synth and sample breaks with the drum patterns and synths resonating moments of 90’s techno and dance culture.  

You really get a variety of synths from low bass tones setting a deep early mood in the track before transitioning into space-like sounds and vocal remixes. Accompanying that is the scientifically technical sounding synths that remind me of artists that broke through in the rave scene.  

OBLATE said he was working on the track before the protesting began, but the events of the last month gave the track its purpose with all proceeds being donated to causes supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.  

It’s the piece of music needed right now.