Ocean Flaws – Touching Down

It’s very rare to find a band that instantly draws your attention with a polished production of optimism, but Ocean Flaws are certainly that band.

Quickly making a name for themselves as ones to watch around the Essex area, ‘Touching Down‘ is the latest release from Ocean Flaws, and it touches themes of trying to find your niche and losing control slightly.

Detailing that the track is about that feeling when your wheel won’t hit the ground ‘Touching Down’ features a glistening performance from start to finish. Creating a sound that showcases Ocean Flaws aren’t just a must listen in the studio, but on a stage near you too.

A must add to your ‘see live’ list once the UK lockdown restrictions do so, ‘Touching Down’ requires an arena full of fans singing back the lyrics.

Coated with a driving bass line that will leave your body swaying to its infectious rhythm, ‘Touching Down’ is expressive and illustrates a band still at the beginning, but their future is looking vibrant. If future releases are anything like this one, we’re in for the right treat from your favourite sweet shop. Armed with a modulated guitar solo unlike any other, this anthem is alluring and completely original.