Oceaneers – A Brighter Day, Single review

Self-described as psych-folk, Oceaneers is a band that was formed in a tumultuous time and uses that idea within their music. 

Thematically that’s what A Brighter Day represents as a song, that pushing through to find a light at the end of the tunnel. With the Covid lockdown coming only a few months after their formation, Oceaneers could have given up right there and then. Instead of giving up though, they redoubled their efforts and successfully released a full album during 2020. 

A Brighter Day as a song is the idea of Oceaneers common themes, and the themes of the album Light of the Whalebone are distilled into a single song. Describing the struggles and hard times that are more relatable than ever for many people, A Brighter Day is an uplifting song that uses an interesting blend of folk and psychedelic rock. 

The floaty and gentle acoustics throughout the song fit the uplifting ideas, as well as complimenting the easy-going vocals. Everything is almost a gentle lullaby with how soft it is, down the taps on the drums and laid-back bass guitar. 

The vocals in particular are an interesting thing to look at, with the lead vocals echoed, mirrored and complemented throughout by a soft female vocalist. This serves to accentuate the vocals, with them being the key part of the song to focus on. It does give a much bigger feel and adds in a sense of the song is more about community and multiple people, rather than an individual. 

As a whole, A Brighter Day is great both a single, and as a piece of the package that is Light of the Whalebone. It’s a gentle and wispy song that’s very easy-going, the musical equivalent of a warm blanket being draped across one’s shoulders.