We review the new album from October Drift – Forever Whatever

October Drift are one of those bands where it’s hard to believe that they hadn’t released an album until now – such is the impression they’ve made on the scene in the past few years. Their reputation pretty much precedes them, but this record really cements their status as one of the most exciting acts around at the moment.

Forever Whatever’ has a strong sense of catharsis to it- you can hear the culmination of all the hard work and dedication from the band to see this matter through weaved into the music. It feels like a release for both the artists and the listener.

October Drift has always had a knack for the anthemic, but that is taken to a whole other level with the professional quality that album sessions bring. Older favourites like ‘Losing My Touch’ resurface, but it’s the previously unheard tunes that shine brightest.

OD’s gloomy, heavy vibes are perfect for creating an emotional atmosphere, which is why the ballads stay with you the most. Whilst there is a natural lull in the middle of the record, the final three tracks bring it all home in such an incredible way. The strings on ‘Naked’ are a delight, and the way ‘The Past’ builds and builds to a roaring crescendo is truly brilliant to listen to.

You can never really know what the outcome is going to be with your first full-length album, but October Drift has earned the right for success to swing their way. ‘Forever Whatever’ is as cohesive and captivating an album as you could wish for, and we all hope it gets the recognition it deserves beyond the band’s already devoted fanbase.