October Drift Live at The Parish, Huddersfield 1/11/21

So, it’s out yet again to the Parish in Huddersfield, somewhere which is rapidly becoming my second home such is the frequency of gigs at the venue. Once again it’s yet another much delayed C-19 gig only this time it’s including a very recent delay where the band was struck down with a Covid case mid-tour putting a sudden end to an already much-delayed experience. After a long soaking wet weekend, a bit of sunshine appeared in the afternoon so hopefully that’s an omen that Drift will lift the spirits of the crowd tonight.

October Drift are a 4 piece Bristol based band who are known for their incredibly energetic performances on stage, nothing short of a whirlwind that seems to pass as quickly as it starts you wonder where the time went though that said last time I got to see them perform was at a socially distanced gig at the Wardrobe in Leeds earlier this year where they had to change tack as Chris the drummer managed to break his snare skin two songs into the set and they didn’t carry a spare so the high energy gig turned into an incredibly magical semi-acoustic affair which showed off the other side to the band but anyway, back to tonight and pre-start I did check with Chris that they do indeed now carry spares so we’re all good for tonight’s performance.

The rearranged date being a Monday isn’t exactly an ideal day to get people out, especially with the lousy weather that had been hitting the North over the weekend so it surprising anyone had actually come out but the crowd is looking like over double the amount who turned up last time the band played Huddersfield which is a good sign of progress, sure it’s a far cry from the numbers that will be at the (as of the time of writing) almost sold out gig at Sheffield’s Leadmill but it’s still pleasing to see a band is still on the assent outside of major cities.

Support tonight came from Leeds band Terror Cult who were quite surprised that a crowd had actually turned up and they weren’t going to be performing to just 3 people,. Their sound is very akin to early Green Day, the performance is decent and energetic but they could do with adding a little variety during their song writings as their half-hour set started to show their current offerings are a little samey and predictable.

And onto the main event, the Born slippy intro signals it’s time and it’s a perfect track to signify the relentless energy we are about to witness, the band walk on – no introductions, it’s straight to business and into Cherry Red and the front of stage are bouncing from the off. By the time the second song Losing My Touch ends the temperature in the room feels like it’s already increased 5° but there’s no stopping as it’s into the new song Lost Without You. The Infectious energy on stage is carrying on into the crowd but it’s recent fan favorite Just Got Caught that really starts pulling people in further back in the crowd into the atmosphere that had already kicked in amongst the folk at the front.

Taking a breather before the fifth track, Singer Kiran Roy’s guitar is up even more firmly in his armpit and the necks in the air as they go into Don’t Give Me Hope quickly followed in succession by the familiar drum beat of Oh The Silence the band continues to wash off the Monday blues in the room, more fans start bouncing before it’s time for another new track, the cheerily titled Webcam Funerals which still goes down well with the audience.

Lost takes it down half a notch, like pretty much all of Drifts songs, live they’re on a much higher intensity than put onto tape so even the slower songs tend not to kill the high energy vibe more just put it on simmer but that’s instantly resumed with the latest new release Airborne Panic Attack which goes down a storm. Dan the lead guitarists front of the stage thrash signals another crowd favourite Come And Find Me and I notice it has that the one bloke who’s been stood bang central, watching, unmoving finally starts tapping his feet and his hand is twitching – the band are finally all conquering tonight!

Forever Whatever signals the final selection and it starts solo with Kiran singing off mic along with crowd members who know the song before the band join in and it erupts, sadly that’s almost it as The Past slows things down once more signing off the main set where traditionally the band usually wave their goodbyes and all leave bar Kiran for one last song but this time Chris remains on stage with his tambourine in hand and the microphones are once again ejected, this is direct, stripped out magical busk of Like The Snow We Fall showing the much softer side of Drift which I urge you to check out on social media as I’m sure it will be there going by a number of phones out filming.

And that was that, an hour went in a flash – even stood back writing notes to create this review it was proving difficult not to be drawn into the energy and have a great time down the front such is the power of this band live, they have given 110% every time I have seen them play be it to 20 people in a field or hundreds in a venue so if one band deserves to be propelled forward on drive and commitment of performance alone then surely October Drift are the ones. 

Set list

Cherry Red
Losing My Touch
Lost Without You
Just Got Caught
Don’t Give Me Hope
Oh The Silence
Webcam Funerals
Airborne Panic Attack
Come And Find Me
Forever Whatever
The Past
Like The Snow We Fall