We review the new single from October Drift – Losing my touch

Losing my touch is the latest (quasi re)release from Somerset based rockers October Drift.

When you look at the promotion which surrounds this band you see words such ‘rising newcomers’ brandished around quite a lot, and that sort of phrase is usually overused and quite dangerous but October Drift truly are stars of the future. Looking at what they have achieved in such a short time, and listening to their back catalogue, they are clearly set for big things.

Losing my touch is different from a lot of their other stuff (but not a massive one). They don’t quote their influences anywhere that I have seen, but there is a lot of indie rock type music permeating through in there. This latest track reminds me very much of Radiohead’s breakthrough album Pablo Honey, apart from the vocals, that are a little like Nick Cave has taken over from Thom Yorke.

This track is very much driven by loud drums, softly purring guitars and complimentary background vocals. It’s too much to call it rock music really, it’s like rock wrapped up in candy floss, but that is certainly meant as praise as this is a very emotive and rousing track, which concludes with a kick ass guitar solo.

It definitely in the ‘add it in my latest playlist’ category and they certainly are a band you will want to go back and check out there other stuff, if it has passed you by.

And if it has, where have you been?

Photo Credit : Eleanor Freeman