Oli Barton And The Movement – Get Out

Get Out’… or stay in… those are the most common words of the year, aren’t they ay Boris? Moving swiftly on, Oli Barton & The Movement are back with their brand new single, and it’s straight from indie heaven. As the first taster from their upcoming debut album ‘Pipe Dreams’, ‘Get Out’ is infused with indie pop moments and an energetic rock production. 

While instrumentally, the instrumentation is lively, the track is upsetting and features a darker side within the lyrics. Influenced, sadly by an experience where a female was harassed by a punter at one of their shows, the track is a clear statement to gross misogynistic people to simply ‘get out’. 

Detailing the daily recurrences for many women, especially at live music shows, this track is another warning that this needs to STOP. A huge middle fingers up to toxic people, ‘Get Out’ is important and needs to be shouted from all rooftops. 

Turning a real horrible situation into a powerful, emotive number, the overall release also contains artwork by local artist Amelia Cross which features handwritten testimonials from victims of sexual assault. 

Written and produced with Oli’s frequent collaborator, Jules Gulon, the showmanship behind ‘Get Out’ is packed with adrenaline. The definition of an indie hit, ‘Get Out’ features an adventurous chorus, ear worm melodies and most importantly, a fantastic rhythm section.