Oli ft Ethan Owen and HM – 4 Better or 4 Worse

One of the only positives that came from the Coronavirus lockdown is aspiring musicians finally had social media on their side. Many musicians took to live streams and simply just growing their fanbases online, Leeds based drummer and songwriter OLI did exactly this.

Emerging from the depth’s, of what could possibly be described as ‘hell on earth’, these past 18 months have been a whirlwind of emotions but made room for talented songwriters to blossom onto the scene.

Teaming up with British artist HM and Ethan Owen for the latest track, the track was recorded emotively and self-produced by OLI.

\Trying to capture optimism during the many lockdowns we’ve endured, ‘4 Better or 4 Worse’ speaks about changing perspective and trying to find the bright side of a bad situation. Something that’s been so important over the past year, this highly optimistic number is uplifting and everything you’d want from new music nowadays.

Bathed in indie sensibilities and an inspiring arrangement, it’s the incredible vocals that steal the limelight. Quite emotive in places, ‘4 Better or 4 Worse’ is driven with confidence and hope – something we all would love more of right now. Pushing boundaries and taking indie rock and making it their own.