Oli Morris – Bimal

Bristol saxophonist and composer Oli Morris storms onto the scene with utterly breathtaking debut ‘Bimal‘. Detailing his enchanting reflection of backpacking around India, this track makes listeners feel like we’re on the journey with Oli.

A warm neo-soul meets jazz experience, the track’s message is slightly more somber then we think. Glancing into the anxieties and frustrations we often hold close to our chest, this relatable number sums up the past eighteen months perfectly.

Inspired by the month-long trip through India, the track’s name was named after a Naad yoga teacher that Oli encountered on his journey. Bathed in a silky arrangement that comes across as slightly sleazy, its Chrissie’s incredible vocals that steal the limelight ever so slightly.

Aiming to tell listeners to speak up about their struggles, this important number is encouraging and best described as empowering. Releasing it at an important time for the world, ‘Bimal’ is a transcending single that is easily my favourite track of the week.

Gaining praise from Derek Nash from Jools Holland’s Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, we’re not surprised in the slightest.