Olivia Browse – Red Stripe

In a delightful nod and mockery of 2000’s indie bands, Olivia Browse’s indie-pop hit ‘Red Stripe‘ is a sunny and delightful throwback.

The Manchester-based musician takes inspiration from artists such as Kate Nash and Lily Allen, and the mixture of Browse’s Essex accent and jangly upbeat guitars take me back to a simpler time in music.

The lo:fi vocal alterations and grooving drums make for a guaranteed indie bop, and the flavourful transitions between verse and bridge give the track a sugary and easy-going vibe.

The third single by Browse captures modern indie culture with the drink of choice being popular at indie nightclubs, the artwork being an outline of the ‘edgy teenagers meme’ and the theme of the song looking at indie musicians who were successful at Manchester’s BIMM University.

The warm guitars and upbeat tempo of Red Stripe provide an instant replay-value and whilst a lighter direction from previous single Halloween, Browse’s soft voice perfectly fits this sound and style.

It’s a moment of nostalgia that lasts just over three minutes, but I can see this track having endless replays over the summer.