Olly E – I Refuse

Despite a surprisingly punk message, I Refuse falls into a very different genre as it conveys a bold message through its lyrics.

Utilising a very poppy sound with its mixture of synthesiser and keyboard, coupled to a high tempo drum beat. With the incorporation of guitar later on, in particular a brief solo that tries to eek out a chill up the listeners spine. 

I Refuse carries a very political message that has always seemed reserved for a very anti-establishment genre such as Punk and its derivatives. Despite these old trappings, the message has begun to push its way into a variety of genres, with I Refuse being a notable example, given how far it is from a filthy back-street bar punk gig. 

Whilst its message is a strong one, it’s not the only thing that defines the song. If you strip back the socio-political lyrics, you’re left with a strong performance that pulls in a cornucopia of different styles. 

The lyrical delivery is one that’s some parts Britpop with its semi-monotone delivery and other parts rap with the quick and slightly violent delivery. With combination of the aforementioned guitar solo later on and a 90’s style synth track, it’s a decadent mixture of 90’s and 00’s genres all pulled together into a strong track that works all on its own.