One Cure for Man – Everything (Promise Me)

Following a year in which we’ve all had to spend more time with ourselves and with our thoughts than we might be comfortable with, it goes without saying that people have likely found out more about themselves than they otherwise would have.

This isn’t always a negative thing. Something that Lancashire’s One Cure for Man not only understand but tap into on his latest single “Everything (Promise Me)”. Though not written about the pandemic specifically, its narrative of self-reflection, self-reliance and one’s own perception of life lends itself perfectly to the post-pandemic landscape. Throw in a video that deftly balances feelings of nostalgia against those of claustrophobia, and you’ve got a release that seems to embody the feelings of thousands effortlessly.

Four minutes of timeless alt-rock, “Everything (Promise Me)” bridges the gap between the riff-heavy grunge of bands such as Smashing Pumpkins and the soaring optimism of classic rock. While for some it might come across as a little overwrought, for the most part One Cure for Man succeeds in assuaging any of latter’s cheesiness thanks to it’s off-kilter riffs and messages we could pay heed to.

“It looks deep into the idea of an internal voice that wonders, acts on creativity and reflects on the world around” the artist explain. “Avoiding, conformity, false consistency and allowing yourself to follow your own instincts and path. Hopefully, bringing positivity and humility rather than destruction and chaos, as everything is not as it seems.”

Indeed, it might feel like there’s more new age influence behind the artists ethos, as opposed to the typical debauchery so synonymous with a certain type of rock music, but a time when people’s patience is frayed and now more than ever people are struggling, we could all spend more time looking inwards.