One Cure For Man – Humble

James Parkinson aka One Cure For Man delivers melody and melancholy with new track ‘Humble‘.

Since 2012, the Lancashire singer-songwriter has been nothing short of prolific in his work with debut album ‘Serenade The Damned’ released in 2013, his sophomore ‘Gods And Toys’ in 2015, followed a couple years later by ‘Colours In The Fire’ (2017). Each received praise from fans and press – with Parkinson’s blend of thought-provoking lyricism and pop-rock sound securing significant radio play.

The latest album ‘This Eternal Life’ (2019) was composed following the sudden death of his father – fellow Barnoldswick musician Allan Parkinson – and the birth of his son. Each track laced with a mix of pride, loss, joy and pain. An awareness of our own mortality and that life is a contrast of all these things. It’s a theme that has bled through into his 2020 work. Following on from earlier track ‘Haunted’ – ‘Humble‘ is a personal, yet incredibly relatable, reflection on life and death. A composition which ponders the overwhelming confusion and guilt we feel when faced with grief. The conflict of wanting to start a fresh yet still holding onto the old days – and finding a way to incorporate both. In his lyrics, Parkinson contemplates moving forward and what we can learn from the past..

People move on / Change their lives / Take the very thing that breathes / And dies / We can still be humble”

Produced by Matt Heap who also recorded James’ previous single – the four-minute track is filled with lush-sounding acoustic guitars reminiscent of R.E.M or perhaps even Johnny Marr-esque. With honeyed vocals that are rich, yet still powerful. The accompanying music video (which features the musician’s son) also provides a moving tribute to those lost loved ones.

Humble‘ is a beautifully bittersweet track that showcases poetic prowess and a real human compassion.