One Cure For Man – The Haunted

Lancashire’s One Cure For Man, otherwise known as artist James Parkinson, return with a big new tune ‘The Haunted’ displaying a variety of soaring vocals and delightful improvement.  

I reviewed One Cure For Man’s previous work which was their album ‘This Eternal Life’ and struggled to enjoy it, but highlighting how much I loved the piano work on the record, I’m glad to see it take centre-stage on The Haunted. The band look to have turned their direction into the gothic 80’s styles reminiscent of such acts as Echo & The Bunnymen which is exciting.  

This track for me is a great listen and I don’t enjoy telling a band how much I dislike their music, so seeing this output gives me a really positive feeling to Parkinson’s musical dedication.  

The drums, performed by Ben Parkinson are so tight with the mixing giving them a forceful recognition throughout the song. Add the bass to the drums and you get a massive backdrop to The Haunted and I feel every note resonate throughout my body.  

Parkinson’s vocal range is dynamic and mature with a variety of styles and harmonies being illustrated to us and with the delicately played piano it almost presents a fantasy element to the music. The guitar work in the bridge in itself has a haunting tone and Parkinson shreds so cleanly giving the guitar its much anticipated moment. 

The verses and chorus blend together so smoothly you can barely tell which is definitely down to the consistent work by the piano and drums and Parkinson’s vocals really carry you along.  

The song’s themes discuss social media’s false perception of the lives around us and the accompanying music video which is shot beautifully, displays Parkinson in a mixture of roles including a Pennywise imitation and each shot has a cold vintage feel. The reason for the reference is because the song is dedicated to Parkinson’s friend and celebrates his vivacious character. It’s a very thought-provoking piece altogether when you combine the music, lyrics and video elements.  

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