Ophelia’s Eye – Fight For Us

This new track from Swiss melodic death metal band Ophelia’s Eye explodes from the opening seconds, and manages to maintain its exasperating levels of energy ‘til the closing ones.

Fight for us a track which roars from the speakers, both literally and metaphorically. The power of the vocals, the riffs which seem to relentlessly gain momentum and the constant thud of the drums all melt into one to create a sound of virtually unparalleled vigour. Their sound if one of anger, animosity, and downright wickedness, and it’s amazing that it has the stamina to not drop from its intensity throughout.

There is, though, a sense of structure in their sound. There’s a certain feeling of tightness in amongst the mayhem as it unfolds around your ears. Seemingly all held together by the guitars, it moves along with purpose, and although there is no clear verse, chorus, etc, it just gives off a vibe of being quite meticulously written, planned out, and then unleashed.

This is a track which fills your senses. It makes your heart beat rapidly and your ears ring with its seemingly infinite vitality, all making your feel a little hazy by the time the three minutes are up. It’s a song which can’t be truly descried in words and needs to be heard, so go take a listen for yourself…