Orchard – Universal Sigh

Stoke’s Orchard present to us their debut single ‘Universal Sigh’ which soars above the clouds and never wants to come back down.  

Universal Sigh has a flare of dreamy indie magic with a guitar tone that hooks you from the start. Whilst the guitars remain laid back throughout the verses, the upbeat bass and drum patterns give you the best of both worlds.  

The vocals have a rising edge which reminds me of Thom Yorke’s singing and the band have stated they take a great influence from Radiohead which appears sonically clear. Another band I must note is emo-indie act Turnover who these days make dreamy rock which Orchard I think capture really well here. If their future EP has a consistent sound like this, I bet it will be a real treat.  

I love the rhythm of the bass guitar in the verses, with a seriously groovy beat. It doesn’t stand out much around the other instruments but it’s there and adds a nice bit of funk to the track. The transitions from verses to breaks seem so unnoticed with the guitar riffs and background euphoria seeming like they just keep rising. It’s quite euphoric.  

The vocals are so clean and crisp and melt into the instrumentation so well. They themselves are their own dreamy instrument. The band have clearly taken a big influence from indie acts who capture euphoria and sonic sounds in their music. However, Orchard bring something more enticing and upbeat to that scene and it’s nice to see dreampop still alive and well.  

The sounds that Orchard are creating would bounce off the walls of a venue so cleanly and sound so much larger than they already are.