Ormiston – Rebel

The first single as a solo artist from Canadian songwriter and producer Ormiston, “Rebel” was described in its press release as feeling like a combination of Toro Y Moi and MGMT, and though that’s a fair approximation of the debut, what it lacks in the fizzy staccato energy of the latter, it makes up for with its own sense of subdued chic.

Four minutes of disco flavoured indie-pop, there’s an instant sense of familiarity in the track’s freneticism, guitars slide effortlessly and the bass is understated while providing an off-kilter backbone to an otherwise loose offering.

Of course, familiarity often breeds contempt, and while that might be going a little too far, the glossy, perfect production, coupled with just how familiar everything here feels makes for a track that does little to break the mould.

That said, not everything has to be ground-breaking, and regardless of how familiar “Rebel” might feel, there’s no denying that at its heart, it’s an infectious and upbeat pop song that draws from a rich history of influence, though channels them through a distinctly contemporary lens.

For those of us a little long in the tooth, there’s nothing offensive, or particularly bad about the track, it’s just we’ve heard it before. For those younger and perhaps a bit less cynical, there’s a lot to love in its blissed-out and easy-going nature.