Other Colours ft Britizen Kane – About Time

London based producer Other Colours teams up with rising Mancunian rapper Britizen Kane in his second release to date ‘About Time’. Coated with grime essences, the track feels reminiscent to early noughties, making it have elements of becoming a true classic.

A collaboration you didn’t know you needed until now, Britizen Kane drops mini surprises within the lyrics. Referencing everything from Monsters Inc to Tyson Fury, ‘Tyson Fury’ also happens to be the title of Britizen Kane’s popular single.

Armed with a playful beat, the signature wordplay from Britizen Kane glows with attitude and gives the track that extra edge that it needed. Instantly giving you the energy to tap your feet and bop your head, ‘About Time’ flows with a mischievous nature

The electronic vocals that highlight the chorus feel slightly under the influence of auto-tune, giving it a slightly robotic feel. The authenticity of this part feels quite low, and gives the track a completely different type of texture.

With that in mind, the pitch-perfect vocals caters for other sub-genres and makes the track feel lot more versatile. The lead vocals from Britizen Kane are bare and flow like water racing through a stream. Sharp and fuelled with ear-worm hook lines, the track builds in trust, and by the end, you’ll be left wanting more.